[LLVMdev] Newbee question: LLVM backend regression tests for thumb1 targets on simulator possible?

Jonathan Roelofs jonathan at codesourcery.com
Tue Dec 16 06:27:02 PST 2014

On 12/16/14 3:53 AM, Kristof Beyls wrote:
> I've been wondering too about how to get better ARM v6m compile-and-execute
> testing going.
> As you say Jon, the non-execution-based regression tests are surprisingly
> good at catching issues; but they're no full substitute for executing the
> code produced by the backend for a reasonably-sized test suite.
> If somehow it would be possible to compile and run the LLVM test-suite
> for v6m, I think that would be a good step forward. It would also allow
> to get a buildbot going without too much effort continuously checking
> basic correctness of v6m code generation.
> My guess is that the biggest hurdle would be to get linux or a similar
> operating system going on a v6m/thumb1 simulator. Does anyone have an idea
> if this is feasible or completely impossible?
I'm working on a baremetal cross toolchain, and I would like to set up such a 
buildbot. There are several pieces needed before that can happen though, and the 
important one is remote testing support in LIT (which I'm working on)... in due 
time :)


Jon Roelofs
jonathan at codesourcery.com
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