[LLVMdev] Modularizing LICM

Nema, Ashutosh Ashutosh.Nema at amd.com
Mon Dec 15 04:16:15 PST 2014


I'm writing a new loop pass, and has a need to call LICM(Loop Invariant Code Motion) 'PromoteAliasSet' on modified loop.

For now I didn't found any why to call 'PromoteAliasSet' from my pass explicitly.

The only way is to schedule LICM pass after my pass.

For some reason my pass need more control and preferring to call LICM 'PromoteAliasSet' instead running full LICM as next pass.

Can LICM be more modular by exposing wrapper functions for its core functionalities (i.e. SinkRegion, HoistRegion, PromoteAliasSet) ?

These wrappers will check pre-requisite(i.e. AliasAnalysis, LoopInfo availability ) and call appropriate functions.

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