[LLVMdev] Question about node collapse

Shaobo shaobo at cs.utah.edu
Fri Dec 12 17:14:51 PST 2014

Hi guys,

I'm working on a project using DSA to mark the type-unsafe store 
operations. The example code is below,

> int main() {
>  int *a = (int*)malloc(sizeof(int));
>  *a = 256;
>  *((char *)a) = 1;
>  assert(*a == 257);
>  free(a);
>  return 0;
> }

Based on my understanding of DSA, *((char *)a) = 1 will cause the node 
to which "a" points to collapsed because I think there is 
type-inconsistency here in the sense that a is declared as int* and used 
as int* when *a = 256 happens while is used as char* afterwards. 
However, it seems that no node is collapsed when the analysis is 
finished. I was wondering if my understanding of DSA is correct or not. 
Suggestions from your guys are really appreciated.


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