[LLVMdev] Missing 3.5.1 rc1 tag on libcxxabi

Daniel Sanders Daniel.Sanders at imgtec.com
Thu Dec 11 09:24:36 PST 2014

Hi Tom,

I saw the tags go in and tried to start the builds but it seems that you forgot one:
$ LANG=C CFLAGS=-mips32r2 CXXFLAGS=-mips32r2 ./test-release.sh -triple mips-linux-gnu -build-triple mips-linux-gnu -no-64bit -j4 -release 3.5.1 -rc 1
# Validating llvm SVN URL
# Validating cfe SVN URL
# Validating dragonegg SVN URL
# Validating compiler-rt SVN URL
# Validating libcxx SVN URL
# Validating libcxxabi SVN URL
libcxxabi 3.5.1 release candidate rc1 doesn't exist!

Daniel Sanders
Leading Software Design Engineer, MIPS Processor IP
Imagination Technologies Limited

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