[LLVMdev] Interest in LLVM

Tobias Grosser tobias at grosser.es
Mon Dec 8 13:00:40 PST 2014

On 07.12.2014 17:33, Johannes Doerfert wrote:
> Hello Pratik,
> I forwarded your mail to the Polly-Dev mailing list in case you decide
> to work on Polly. We can discuss possible projects there. A partial list
> of open projects is already online at http://polly.llvm.org/todo.html,
> however there are also other topics you could look into (depending
> mostly on your interests!).

Hi Pratik,

as Johannes just said, there are many interesting topics where 
contributions are welcomed and I am very happy to suggest some that 
match your interests.

One issue which is rather self-contained is the following PR I just 
opened: http://llvm.org/PR21782

The bug proposes to optimize isl's isl_int data type for small integers 
to improve the performance of isl. As Polly uses isl heavily this change 
could largely reduce the execution-time of Polly.

As this little project is rather self contained it is possibly easy to 
get started with. The code you need to understand is contained in a 
single file (isl_int.h), consists of basic mathematical operations and 
the changes are rather mechanical to start with. If this change improves 
performance, figuring out how to best fall back to arbitrary precision 
integers without increasing overhead is an interesting project.

> If you are interested you could join the weekly Polly Hangout call next
> Wednesday 7pm (Paris time) where we discuss open and current projects
> with some of the developers, otherwise we could just use the mailing list.
> In any case, it would probably be best if you could provide more
> information about your experience and possible interests.

As Johannes said, you are very much invited to join our call.


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