[LLVMdev] Question about '-fno-exceptions' option and 'ExceptionsType' on MCAsmInfo with ARM.

JinGu Kang jingu at codeplay.com
Mon Dec 8 03:33:27 PST 2014

Hi all

I have a question about the '-fno-exceptions' option with clang and 
'ExceptionsType' on MCAsmInfo.

I am looking for a way to avoid generating stack unwinding codes when 
compiling with the "armv7-none-linux-gnu" triple using clang. I tried 
the '-fno-exceptions' option in order to do that, but unwinding function 
symbols like '__aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr0' were still present. I think 
'ExceptionType' of MCAsmInfo is set to ExceptionType::ARM with the above 
target triple and it is not affected by the '-fno-exceptions' option. Am 
I missing something about this, or do we need to provide an interface to 
disable generation of exception codes?

JinGu Kang

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