[LLVMdev] FAQ update and Question on minimum build

Kevin Angus kangus at jaga.us
Tue Dec 2 19:33:16 PST 2014

Just as your email arrived I was replying about my finding the doc's:
I found it! I was looking for a RELEASE environment settings but it appears to be a command line switch for configure --enable-optimized
../llvm/configure --enable-optimized

The make file generated still showed all targets being built but I'll run it and see, the last time only ARM was built.
I had a 16GB SD card that turned out to be a 8 GB SD card, twice. I got my money back and ordered a new one from Amazon.
Thanks for all the replies.
Mail list, been awhile since I used one, must remember Reply All.

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On 2 December 2014 at 19:05, Kevin Angus <kangus at jaga.us> wrote:
> This sounds possible except I can not find anything in the documents, configure, make that explains how to build a RELEASE version.

I've added the mailing list back to CC. I think it might be "configure --enable-optimized", but I never use the autoconf build so wouldn't swear to it. (It's definitely "cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release" for the CMake build system).



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