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Hal Finkel hfinkel at anl.gov
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> Hi,
>        We have an architecture where the indirect move instruction
> implicitly increments the pointer
> value after the move. We have Instruction format and pattern for this
> type of instructions.
> How to encode the information that the pointer is incremented?

As you seem to be aware, LLVM has patterns specifically to match pre/post increment loads and stores (post_store). In your *ISelLowering.cpp file, you'll need to call setIndexedLoadAction(ISD::POST_INC, <type>, Legal), and the same for setIndexedStoreAction. Then you'll need to implement a getPostIndexedAddressParts function in that same file (you can look in the ARM backend for an example). If you can select your indirect moves using TableGen patterns, then you can probably use the post_store pattern.


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> Shashidhar
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