[LLVMdev] RFC: llvm-shlib-test (Was: [llvm] r191029 - llvm-c: Make LLVMGetFirstTarget a proper prototype)

Anders Waldenborg anders at 0x63.nu
Mon Sep 30 01:45:54 PDT 2013

Attached is what I got thus far.

What I'm struggling with is proper integration in build system. What
is in there is just wild guesses from my side, both on autoconf and
cmake variants. It would be great if someone with proper knowledge of
the buildsystems could have a look. Also I'm not sure how to properly
handle compilation on msvc - clearly "-std=c11 -Wstrict-prototypes" is
not the options I should use in that case. (also the dup2 use, will
that work on windows?).


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