[LLVMdev] llc leaves spurious clang.arc.use symbols

Joe Abbey jabbey at arxan.com
Wed Sep 18 15:19:39 PDT 2013

We're seeing that the ObjCARCContract pass never runs in llc (at any optimization level!) when bitcode is lowered to assembly.  As a result, ARC-enabled code becomes unlinkable.   We can run the pass manually, but it'd be preferred to have this rolled somewhere logical like pass configuration.

I see that there was a previous discussion about how to appropriately remove them.  Did anything ever come about?

I've attempted running the pass "always" per the original discussion. While that works for me, I doubt it's acceptable for all languages, targets, etc.  See my strawman patch.

Any recommendations on a smaller hammer fix that would be upstreamable?  I like the idea of a cleanup pass, but even that seems too special case.

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