[LLVMdev] [lld][Options] Sharing common options across flavors

Shankar Easwaran shankare at codeaurora.org
Wed Sep 18 12:18:52 PDT 2013

Hi Nick,

There are already a lot of options that are being shared across various 
flavors.  Adding a new option becomes a issue when that option need to 
available across all flavors.

As the first step, I am thinking of consolidating the common options 
shared across all the Unix variant flavors in CommonOptions.td.

The options that are shared between Darwin/GnuLD are :-

a) -o
b) -L
c) -emit-yaml
d) --help
e) -mllvm

I am also thinking of adding a verbose option that would essentially 
control the various verbose outputs that we might want to have. For example:

lld -flavor gnu -target x86_64 
--verbose=commandline,trampolines,symbols,reader,writer ....

LinkingContext will have two functions :-

setVerboseOptions(StringRef) -> stores all the verbose options in a vector.

hasVerboseOption(StringRef) -> returns true if the option is present

Thoughts on the above ?


Shankar Easwaran

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