[LLVMdev] Error on completing ToyThread::execute() in ToyVM (vmkit project)

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The VMKit framework has been updated to be more generic.
The getVirtualTable method is not exposed anymore since this method suppose
that your object layout contains a virtual table.
Now you have new methods to get / set objects type which are virtual methods
inherited by the vmkit::VirtualMachine class.

Thus you can still keep your object identity as virtual tables, but now the
getVirtualTable is a static method provided by the VirtualTable class.
Harris Bakiras

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Hi all,

My code is:
    TOY_VAR(Picture*, aPic);    
    aPic = Picture::doNew(-2, 1, -1, 1, 1900, 1200);

This code has the following compilation error:
../lib/ToyRoot.h:41:33: error: no member named 'getVirtualTable' in
                        res = gc::operator new(sz, o.getVirtualTable());
                                                   ~ ^ Is it correct?

Best regards,

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