[LLVMdev] [PATCH] Detect SVN revision and path on Git working copy

Adam Strzelecki ono at java.pl
Tue Sep 17 10:46:53 PDT 2013

Mark wrote:
> I’m not sure I follow why that is better. If I’m building from a clone of a git repo why wouldn’t I want the git hash?

Because SVN is a master repo, LLVM/Clang bugtracking relies on SVN revisions not Git hashes, finally you always know when some of your build are newer than others.

David wrote:
>> This means that from build to build, depending on whether a Git change or SVN change is the most recent on my branch, I will get different results. That seems problematic.
> If you're following a git tree that has any patches on top of svn ToT then you will see a git commit as the most recent one.

@Mark: This was the idea behind this patch. If you have your own modifications you see Git repo and hash (that exists in your repo), otherwise you see SVN URL and version (as if you checked out with SVN, unless you don't rebase of coz :)

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