[LLVMdev] Is GEP safe if not know the size of an array?

Tim Northover t.p.northover at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 09:17:30 PDT 2013


> So, is there any problem? Not safe, or just not good but basically OK?

It's probably safe (at least on non-exotic targets, and probably
universally). But the canonical way to do it would probably be to use
the first index and offset the i32* directly:

%v1 = alloca i32
store i32 5, i32* %v1
%6 = load i32* %v1
%7 = getelementptr i32* %v0, i32 %6
%8 = load i32* %7
store i32 %8, i32* %v0



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