[LLVMdev] Let's not depend on terminfo / curses?

Nico Weber thakis at chromium.org
Sun Sep 8 17:09:57 PDT 2013


llvm recently switched to using terminfo for detecting if terminals support
escape codes. There's some discussion about this after the commit happened


After the discussion, it looks like the approach was switched from
depending on curses on just terminfo. From what I gather (the changelog
didn't say), the motivation for this is that depending on curses is better
than printing escape codes in terminals that don't support them.

I think depending on curses is gross, and there haven't been many
complaints about clang printing escape codes during the years it has
existed so far. Other projectsget by with isatty() &&
!strcmp(getenv("TERM"), "dumb") too, for example git:


If folks think that bringing in the decades of cruft in curses is a good
idea, I'd ask that the --enable-curses=no --enable-terminfo=no path at
least keeps the old logic. Are there any objections to that?

(And since there are probably fewer shells on OS X, would anyone mind if
--enable-curses=no --enable-terminfo=no was the default on OS X? And since
even git can get away with it, maybe on Linux too?)

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