[LLVMdev] C++ into C code conversion

Peter Fodrek-URPI FEI STU peter.fodrek at stuba.sk
Sun May 26 23:26:03 PDT 2013

Dear Mr. Chisnall!
thank you for you help
V Nedeľa, 26. máj 2013 o 15:33 +0100, David Chisnall napísal(a):
> On 26 May 2013, at 14:42, Peter Fodrek-CHELLO <peter.fodrek at chello.sk> wrote:
> > We have same problem that we are to port third party C++ user space code
> > into Linux kernel code where is only available to use C source code.

> If you want to get your code upstream, then machine-translated code is 
> unlikely to give you something that will be accepted.

It is just for our internal use,

>   If, however, you do not then you should be aware that there is no problem 
> running any C++ code that does not depend on RTTI and other ABI library functions inside a kernel...

We have code where third party device driver is written using RTAI as kernel module
bu application is written as user space program. RTAI does not enable us
to use both user space hard real-time and kernel space hard real-time program 
at the same time. User space program without RTAI is slower the is our maximal
tolerance therefor we need to port application as kernel module to use RTAI.

Kernel builder is unable to original program due to missing symbols form, C++
library even when we finished all our ideas to dismiss these symbols.
Therefor we are looking to tool that helps us to find out our misstakes, yet

I look forward hearing form you

Yours faithfully

Peter Fodrek

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