[LLVMdev] How to use WhileStmt to implement while loop in LLVM

Rasha Omar rasha.sala7 at gmail.com
Sun May 26 01:08:12 PDT 2013

Dear All,

I have a question

How could I use WhileStmt class in Stmt.h


to implement while loop like while(i==1){} that is required to be inserted

For example, Convert x++; y++; to x++; while(i=1){} y++;

from the class's constructor:

WhileStmt(ASTContext &C, VarDecl *Var, Expr *cond, Stmt
*body,SourceLocation WL);//I know C --> 1//Var--> i//cond --> =//body
--> NOP//WL --> ??

but how to implement these terms in LLVM pass? and what's the


*Rasha Salah Omar
Msc Student at E-JUST
Demonestrator  at Faculty of Computers and Informatics
Benha University
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