[LLVMdev] Deprecating autoconf/make?

Tim Northover t.p.northover at gmail.com
Thu May 23 03:25:47 PDT 2013

>> I currently use CMake+Ninja on native builds on both x86 and ARM without
>> problems, but I agree that cross-compilation is not yet mastered.
> What's wrong with cross-compilation?

The biggest annoyance I have (I don't do compiler-rt) is that the
dependencies for the host's TableGen aren't tracked properly in
parallel builds. So while it knows it needs to build a host-executable
TableGen it doesn't seem to know it has to wait for it to finish.

This means builds take much longer because they have to be "-j 1"

I tried poking around (a few times). But never quite got to the bottom
of how LLVM and CMake combine to handle that situation (we diverge in
some odd ways from the "recommended" documented methods).

Other than that it's as simple as defining CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE and
letting it get on with it for the basic case.


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