[LLVMdev] Is it valid to add parameters to a function once it is created

Frank Winter fwinter at jlab.org
Tue May 21 12:19:08 PDT 2013

I create a function with an empty signature:

   void llvm_start_new_function() {
     llvm::outs() << "Staring new LLVM function ...\n";

     Mod = new llvm::Module("module", llvm::getGlobalContext());
     builder = new llvm::IRBuilder<>(llvm::getGlobalContext());

     llvm::FunctionType *funcType = 
llvm::FunctionType::get(builder->getVoidTy(), false);
     mainFunc = llvm::Function::Create(funcType, 
llvm::Function::ExternalLinkage, "main", Mod);

     llvm::BasicBlock* entry = 
llvm::BasicBlock::Create(llvm::getGlobalContext(), "entrypoint", mainFunc);

     llvm_counters::param_counter = 0;
     llvm_counters::label_counter = 0;

and then add parameters as needed with something like

     llvm::Argument * u8 = new llvm::Argument( 
llvm::Type::getInt8Ty(llvm::getGlobalContext()) , param_next() , mainFunc );

Is this valid?

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