[LLVMdev] module passes that eliminate unused global symbols

Frank Winter fwinter at jlab.org
Mon May 20 13:20:25 PDT 2013

My module contains one function that calls a handful of functions in 
another module (which contains a huge collection of functions). The goal 
is to make the module 'self-contained', i.e. no calls across module 
boundaries, and as minimal as possible, i.e. it does not contain any 
function which is not called directly or indirectly from the original 
function. So, I linked in the callee module to the caller module and ran 
the internalize pass to filter/mark the non-external global symbols. Is 
this a good first step towards the goal? How can I eliminate unused 
global symbols or make the module minimal (with the existing (trunk) 
passes)? Ideally only the (directly or indirectly) referenced symbols 
survive. Is this possible or do I need to develop such passes?


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