[LLVMdev] Update information about Jade project

Antoine Lorence Antoine.Lorence at insa-rennes.fr
Tue May 14 01:50:34 PDT 2013

Hi everybody,

We work for a few week to update our project Jade (Just-In-Time Adaptive 
Decoder Engine) already referenced on "LLVM Projects" page 
(http://llvm.org/ProjectsWithLLVM/#jade). After some updates, we are 
able to compile Jade with the upcoming LLVM version.

I want to ask you if it is possible to update the first link for the 
Jade project on ProjectsWithLLVM page, since it is outdated ? The 
current link point to sourceforge trac app, but we migrated to GitHub a 
few months ago. Is it possible to update the link to the new page: 
https://github.com/orcc/jade ?

Thanks in advance,

Antoine Lorence

INSA de Rennes - Département EII
IETR - Groupe Image

Bureau 214 - Bat. 10
20, Avenue des Buttes de Co√ęsmes
CS 70839
35708 Rennes Cedex 7

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