[LLVMdev] Generate PE\COFF file with ARM instructions

Gordon Keiser gkeiser at arxan.com
Mon May 13 10:28:48 PDT 2013

I don't remember the exact version it happened, but right after the Windows RT / Windows Phone 8 stuff was announced and it became known that native apps were possible, I seem to remember GCC removing support for ARM/PE.  I don't know if this was related to binutils removing it or if it was strictly gcc related, but you may have better luck hacking it into a pre-2012 version.   


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Moshe, Nir wrote:
> I have a question about the LLVM ARM backend:
> I try to build *.c files for Windows Phone (Windows 8) - so, basically  
> I need to generate an "arm-pe" file (I *think* it has the same file 
> structure like x86-pe file, but i am not sure).
> unfortunately, LLVM has no support with ARM PE\COFF.

We recently ran into this. Unfortunately there's no binutils support for ARM PE/COFF (at least the last time I looked).

It doesn't seem to be very hard to add; from what I found out, the only real difference is a difference to the CPU type field. But binutils is sufficiently painful to wrangle that I couldn't do it in a few hours, so we went for other tools.

With binutils support adding ARM PE/COFF should be fairly easy, depending on how much the ABI has changed from ARM EABI.

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