[LLVMdev] 3.3 Testers!

Tyler Hardin tghardin1 at catamount.wcu.edu
Wed May 8 22:03:47 PDT 2013

First, let me ask if there's a page that documents the testing process in
full. If there is, just give me a link to that and save yourself the time
of answering this. (I did Google it, all I found was docs on writing tests
for LLVM.)

Sorry if this is way off, but I have no idea what to download and unpack to
start testing. I know it's stuff from here:

I've built LLVM and Clang before, for my own use. IIRC, I put clang in
llvm/tools/ and just ran ./configure and make. So what I need to know is:
which of those files do I need, and which llvm subdirectories the go in?

And I do this for both 3.3rc1 and 3.2, then run:
utils/release/test-release.sh --release 3.2 in the llvm 3.2 directory, and
utils/release/test-release.sh --release 3.3 --rc 1 in the llvm 3.3rc1
directory, right?

For clarification, by llvm 3.x directory, I mean the extracted llvm 3.x
tarball and all the 3.x sub-tools extracted in their respective

Then what after that?

Sorry for all the extra clarification. This is the first testing I've ever
done. I really like LLVM and accompanying tools. I'd like to become more
involved in the LLVM project, but I don't think I have the necessary skills
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