[LLVMdev] Including libraries into bc files

Cristianno Martins cristiannomartins at gmail.com
Fri May 3 11:49:59 PDT 2013

Hello there,

I'm working with some transformations on llvm IR right now, and, in some
cases, I should be able to insert calls for functions that are not defined
on the same module being compiled, but somewhere else. I know the path to
all libraries I need, and I'm currently adding includes directives manually
on C++ files before compiling them. Therefore, it should be more
interesting if I could add those missing includes automatically. So, is
there a way I could do that on LLVM?

PS: I'm guessing it should be possible to create a pass for LLVM that just
added the IR of the functions I need directly to the module being
processed, but I think probably there is a more (let's say) elegant way to
do that.

Thanks in advance,

Cristianno Martins
PhD Student of Computer Science
University of Campinas
cmartins at ic.unicamp.br
 <cristiannomartins at hotmail.com>
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