[LLVMdev] [klee-dev] GSoC Proposal: automatic function level testing

Anton Vasilyev anton.vasilyev.87 at gmail.com
Fri May 3 10:32:43 PDT 2013

Hello, probably it is too late to be involved in GSoC, by I want discuss
following idea:

KLEE can generate tests only for main function level without any
modifications of original code.
It passes args specified by command line.

I want implement automatic testcase generation for any imported function
from tested code without its modification.
First: parsing test code would collect input/output variables and global
Second: variating by KLEE of input and global data used by function will
provide basic testcase.
Third: generated testcases could be exported to test framewort (e.g. Google
Test Framework).

This technic will be usefull for regress testing libraries stability and
for check design by contract implementation.

I'm doing it as part of my MPhil work at MSU.
Looking forward for any advice.

Best Regards,
Anton Vasilyev
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