[LLVMdev] trouble with MCInstrInfo

Vadim Khoptynets vadya.poiuj at gmail.com
Thu May 2 18:21:25 PDT 2013

Does anyone have an idea?

2013/4/30 Vadim Khoptynets <vadya.poiuj at gmail.com>

> Hello everyone!
> There is segmentation fault during translating a simple function with my
> backend. Investigation with gdb has shown that address of InstrNameData
> array in generated file MyTargetGenInstrInfo.inc is out of bounds. Also, if
> I run llc without -view-dag options, NumOpcodes equals 0 inside
> llvm::MCInstrInfo::get function, although  there are some instructions
> (they are appeared in MyTargetGenInstrInfo.inc file).
> File MyTargetMCTargetDesc.cpp contains createMyTargetMcInstrInfo()
> function and appropriate RegisterMCInstrInfo() call.
> Could someone, please, advise me what can I do with it?
> Regards,
> Vadim.

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