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John Criswell criswell at illinois.edu
Wed May 1 19:20:50 PDT 2013

On 4/30/13 9:02 PM, Yun-Wei Lee wrote:
> Hello, it may a bit too late.
> I want to join gsoc 2013 and my proposal is to do static analyze on 
> gpu programming, such as CUDA.
> Recently, I have been studying materials relating to SSA, data flow 
> analysis, fixed point theory and etc under the instruction of one of 
> the Ph.D in UIUC.

I'm at Illinois as well (I work for Vikram Adve).  May I ask under who 
you are studying?

> After discuss with him, we came up this proposal.
> I think I can do this well because I am also familiar with many 
> algorithms on graph, such as scc. (I'm a contestant of ACM ICPC in my 
> school.)

You will need to have a much more concrete proposal for GSoC.  I'm 
assuming that your static analysis is for bug finding; is that correct?  
If so, your proposal should describe what sort of errors your static 
analysis will find, how your analysis will work, and how it will be 
integrated into Clang/LLVM.  You should also state whether your analysis 
will work at the Clang AST level, the LLVM IR level, or some combination 

I heard the proposal deadline was Friday (although I'm not mentoring 
this summer, so I could be wrong on the date).  If you want feedback, 
you should add these things to your proposal and send them to the 
correct list (cfe-dev for Clang, llvmdev for LLVM) for feedback.

Your final proposal should also include a detailed schedule of how the 
work will proceed and long it will take; it should also include an 
explanation of why you're qualified for the position.  You will 
basically need to provide something like a CV describing your work, 
school, and coding experience.  I believe mentors will place more weight 
on coding experience than academic credentials.

Good luck.

-- John T.

> Wish we can discuss more.
> Sincerely.
> Yun-Wei Lee
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