[LLVMdev] Print Global Prefix Issue

Jan Tlatlik jtlatlik at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Fri Mar 29 08:16:13 PDT 2013


I have an odd problem with printing prefixed global symbols in my

In my MCAsmInfo subclass implementation, I set

    GlobalPrefix = "%";

because my assembler needs this to avoid name collisions.
Now, whenever a global symbol (be it a label, mbb operand ,etc.) gets
printed, it is encapsulated in quotes.
With other chars than '%' everything is okay...

I also explicitly set AllowQuotesInName = false (which should be the

Here is a shortened output example:

        .file    "main.c"
        .global    "%main"
        .align    4
        .type    "%main", at function
        .size    "%main", .Ltmp0-"%main"

Is this working as intended? Because I really need to use the percent as
prefix and can't have the quotes in the symbol name.

Greetings, Jan
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