[LLVMdev] About commit TILE-Gx backend to community repository and default disabled

Jiong Wang jiwang at tilera.com
Sun Mar 24 08:28:33 PDT 2013

on2013/3/24 10:05, Sean Silva wrote:
> The AArch64 backend was committed fairly quickly after being proposed 
> for inclusion, and they did not split up the patch and most of their 
> backend was committed in one huge commit.
> Although IIRC Bill Wendling (CC'd) explicitly asked you to split the 
> backend into separate patches, it might be best to put it back 
> together again for the final review. AFAIK Phabricator does not have a 
> good way to keep all the patches somehow together, and otherwise they 
> just get lost in people's mail (and it would be annoying to ping 10+ 
> patches). Having a single patch avoids this problem and makes it a lot 
> easier to keep track of the backend. Phabricator has good support for 
> commenting on specific parts of the patch, so as long as the backend 
> components are named in a recognizable way (I think they are), 
> experienced reviewers should not have significant difficulty 
> navigating (and they can always apply the patch locally if necessary, 
> which is easier with one huge patch).

   Hi Sean,

      I appreicate your objective comments here.

      Anyway, I just finished rebase and retest TILE-Gx backend on the 
latest llvm mainline, and will re-send the patch on Phabricator for 
final review.

Tilera Corporation

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