[LLVMdev] Changing the LLVM C API to remove a pass

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Thu Mar 21 07:41:51 PDT 2013

Hi Meador,

> I have finished migrating all of the simplify-libcalls pass
> functionality into instcombine
> and functionattrs.  Now I am ready to completely to remove what is
> left of the pass from
> the source tree.  However, there are a few C API functions for
> creating and managing
> the pass:
>     /** See llvm::PassManagerBuilder::DisableSimplifyLibCalls */
>     void
>     LLVMPassManagerBuilderSetDisableSimplifyLibCalls(LLVMPassManagerBuilderRef
> PMB,
>            LLVMBool Value);
>     /** See llvm::createSimplifyLibCallsPass function. */
>     void LLVMAddSimplifyLibCallsPass(LLVMPassManagerRef PM);
> Is it OK to remove these?  Do I need to keep them?  Or is there some
> sort of deprecation process?

I think you should try to keep them.  I guess LLVMAddSimplifyLibCallsPass can be
changed to do nothing (or produce a warning).  Probably
should somehow prevent libcall simplification.

Ciao, Duncan.

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