[LLVMdev] bugpoint (and possibly others) need to be compiled with -rdynamic

Stephen Checkoway s at pahtak.org
Wed Mar 20 10:48:30 PDT 2013

On Mar 20, 2013, at 12:14 PM, Stephen Checkoway <s at pahtak.org> wrote:

> I assume the CMAKE_SHARED_LIBRARY_LINK_C_FLAGS and CMAKE_SHARED_LIBRARY_LINK_CXX_FLAGS could be set empty initially and then for those that need it, set it (or something else) to -rdynamic.

Attached is a small patch that sets CMAKE_SHARED_LIBRARY_LINK_CXXFLAGS to "" (as per your patch which I didn't notice initially), and then sets opt, bugpoint, and JITTests to have the property ENABLE_EXPORTS set to 1. This passes -Wl,--export-dynamic on BSD and Linux (and others) and --export-all-symbols on cygwin.

I'm not sure if there are others that should be modified as well. Presumably an option for clang would be easy enough to add.

Stephen Checkoway

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