[LLVMdev] Can the FileCheck ignore spaces ?

Shawn shaolin.xie at ia.ac.cn
Fri Mar 15 21:26:17 PDT 2013


By default, FileCheck canonicalizes input horizontal whitespace (spaces 
and tabs) which causes it to ignore these differences (a space will 
match a tab). The/--strict-whitespace/ 
disables this behavior. End-of-line sequences are canonicalized to 
UNIX-style ‘n’ in all modes."

So it just ignore the differences between space and tab, not the 
whitespace .

On 2013年03月15日 20:15, 杨勇勇 wrote:
> http://llvm.org/docs/CommandGuide/FileCheck.html
> says FileCheck ignores white spaces/tabs by default unless you use
> "--strict-whitespace" option.
> 2013/3/15 Shawn <shaolin.xie at ia.ac.cn>:
>> Hi all:
>>      I'm writing testcase for the MC layer regression  in llvm, the
>> disassembled string is a bit complicate, for example:
>>      "IALU.T0 (I0) = BIU0.DM ; REPEAT AT ( 2 ) ;;"
>>      The spaces in the disassembled string is error-prone. Is there any
>> option to tell the FileCheck utility to ignore the spaces ?
>>       Kind Regards.
>> Shawn.

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