[LLVMdev] [llvm-c] Copyright notice in language bindings

Moritz Maxeiner moritzmaxeiner at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 13 06:40:46 PDT 2013


If I write LLVM bindings for a language X, in which I obviously
need to at least use parts of the llvm-c headers (constants, enums, 
typedefs, function names and
signatures) do I need to include the LLVM copyright notice?

Whereas llvm-c has multiple headers (e.g. Analysis.h, BitReader.h, 
Core.h, etc.) my bindings
only have three files constants.d, types.d and functions.d which 
respectively contain all
of the previously mentioned parts.
This means I can't just copy-paste the copyright notice from the llvm-c 
and add LLVM's license.txt as these header license notices contain the 
headers' filenames
(which do not translate to my bindings).
So the most sensible thing would be to put the complete LLVM license at 
the top of
those three files - if that is necessary; I'm not sure if it is, though, 
because since I'm not
copy-pasting the code but adapting it to another language it may not 
strictly count as redistributing
-  especially since I don't copy any of LLVM's algorithms, but *only* 
the C API itself.

Any help regarding this would be appreciated, because I have finished 
the bindings but do not risk publishing them without a correct copyright 
notice if it is

Thank you for your time,

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