[LLVMdev] LNT BenchmarkGame

David Tweed david.tweed at arm.com
Wed Mar 13 03:14:00 PDT 2013


| There are a couple of example implementations here which are only a few
lines long:
| http://wiki.osdev.org/Random_Number_Generator

As Tim mentioned originally using libc rand argues that the quality of the
random number generator won't affect benchmarks results, the only possible
issue in using one of those "not random, just looks it" generators I can see
is if any benchmarks were added in future which are
multithreaded/parallelised. In addition to the non-determinisim of using a
single global variable seed, its cache line might be hammered enough that it
actually contributes significantly to the benchmark run time (relative to a
per-core RNG). But adding parallel tests seems unlikely.


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