[LLVMdev] llvm cannot iterate a [3 x i8]

Alexandru Ionut Diaconescu alexandruionutdiaconescu at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 02:23:57 PST 2013

Hello everyone,

I am trying to "parse" a part of LLVM IR. More exactly, from

    @.str = private unnamed_addr constant [3 x i8] c"DS\00", section

I want to get "DS". It is the single place in the whole bytecode from where
I can get it. I have :

    Value *VV = cast<Value>(LD100->getOperand(1)->getOperand(0));
    errs()<<"\n VV  "<<*(VV)<<"\n";
    RESULT : VV  @.str = private unnamed_addr constant [3 x i8] c"DS\00",
section "llvm.metadata"

    if(VV->getValueID() == Value::GlobalVariableVal){
        GlobalVariable* FD = cast<GlobalVariable>(VV);
        Value *VVV = cast<Value>(FD->getOperand(0));
        errs()<<"\n VVV  "<<*(VVV)<<"\n";
        RESULT :  VVV  [3 x i8] c"DS\00"

        if(VVV->getValueID() == Value::ConstantDataArrayVal){
            ConstantArray *caa = (ConstantArray *)VVV;
            errs()<<"\n "<<(caa->getNumOperands())<<"\n";
            errs()<<"\n "<<*(caa->getType())<<"\n";
            RESULT :  0
                      [3 x i8]

>From this point, I tried to cast to every `enum llvm::Value::ValueTy` in
order to try to iterate through [3 X i8], in order to get "DS" (as a
StringRef or std::string would be nice), but I cannot. How I can parse this

Thank you for any help !
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