[LLVMdev] loop metdata instruction

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> Subject: [LLVMdev] loop metdata instruction
> Hi
> I'm working on a project which needs loop-attached metadata similar
> to
> the parallel metadata discussed in here. Currently I'm trying to make
> the metadata get through the optimisation passes unscathed. For loop
> passes, I've solved that by modifying the LPPassManager to check for
> metadata presence before and after runOnLoop, and restoring it if
> necessary (assuming the loop didn't get removed and the metadata
> didn't get moved).

Can you be more specific about how you're doing this?

> However, the CFG simplifier pass also can optimize the loop latch and
> attached metadata away. As this is a function pass, I don't have
> access to the loop-specific functionality such as getLoopLatch to
> check for metadata.

Why can't a function pass have access to loop-level information? I think that a function level pass can require LoopInfo, and then call:
LoopInfo *LI = &getAnalysis<LoopInfo>();
(and then you can use LI->getLoopFor, etc.)

In any case, why can't you just check for the metadata on any branch being modified?

Thanks again,

> Any suggestions how to fix this? How would the parallel loop metadata
> discussed in here survive these CFG simplifications?
> Michael
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