[LLVMdev] AESOP autoparallelizing compiler

Sebastian Dreßler dressler at zib.de
Sun Mar 3 09:55:35 PST 2013

Hi Tim,

On 03/03/2013 06:32 PM, Timothy Mattausch Creech wrote:
> [...]
> At a high level, the dependence analysis consults with AliasAnalysis,
> and ScalarEvolution before resorting to attempting to understand the
> effective affine expressions and performing dependence tests (e.g.,
> Banerjee). If it cannot rule out a dependence, then it will
> additionally consult with an ArrayPrivatization analysis to see if an
> involved memory object can be made thread private. It is probably
> also worth mentioning that the LMDA has been written not only to
> function well with IR from source code, but also with low level IR
> from a binary to IR translator in a separate project. This has
> required new techniques specific to this problem. Aparna can provide
> more information on techniques used in our LMDA.

This sounds pretty neat. I was asking, because we currently research
methods to model the performance of task execution and loop analysis is
rather hard. So maybe we could benefit from this part of AESOP. Anyway,
the whole compiler is very interesting for us!


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