[LLVMdev] The MBlaze backend: can we remove it?

Jeff Fifield fifield at mtnhigh.net
Fri Mar 1 08:22:27 PST 2013

Hi Rogelio-

Internally I have found some interest but no official Xilinx commitment of
manpower.  That said, I'm willing and able to volunteer a bit of my time.
 I see the MBlaze port as potentially valuable for my own projects and I
found it useful as an example when porting llvm to a new architecture.  Do
you have a collection of open issues you are working through?  I'll start
by building myself a microblaze system and trying to set it up so that I
can run llvm tests.


On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 9:00 PM, Rogelio Serrano
<rogelio.serrano at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi jeff! Any news?
> On Feb 9, 2013 1:53 AM, "Jeff Fifield" <fifield at mtnhigh.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just saw this thread.  I work on llvm at Xilinx but I do not work on
>> microblaze.
>> I will check to see if there is any interest here at Xilinx to contribute
>> resources to the maintenance of this backend.
>> Thanks,
>> Jeff
>> On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 7:38 PM, Rogelio Serrano <
>> rogelio.serrano at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On Feb 6, 2013 4:52 AM, "Chandler Carruth" <chandlerc at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> >
>>> > The MBlaze backend seems to be essentially unmaintained since 2011.
>>> The maintainer (Wesley Peck who is BCC'ed) seems to have vanished, and in
>>> fact all emails to him are bouncing.
>>> >
>>> > I propose to remove the MBlaze backend on Friday if none step forward
>>> as a maintainer. Currently, folks are having to keep it up to date when
>>> changing shared parts of the backend with no help.
>>> >
>>> > -Chandler
>>> >
>>> >
>>> Hi i have a new customer who needs it. I'm interested in maintaining it
>>> myself.
>>> I need to step up quickly though because i haven't even looked at the
>>> backend since 2011.
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