[LLVMdev] Proposing a new 'alloca' parameter attribute to implement the Microsoft C++ ABI

Stephen Lin swlin at post.harvard.edu
Wed Jul 31 11:51:08 PDT 2013

> Thia patch and the others currently under development seem clearly aimed at
> compatibility
> If you or others are interested in something else then mail the patches. I
> don't think any of this precludes the other.

Thanks. Unfortunately, it's not something I can prioritize to work, so
all I can do at this point is express my opinion and hope someone
agrees with me :)

And yes, of course, it's not mutually exclusive at all; in fact, it
seems like from a technical perspective a lot of the work for a C and
COM-complaint ABI (but Itanium-like otherwise, perhaps) would be a
subset of the work of doing full compatibility--things would just need
to be repackaged and exposed in a different. So it would be great if
someone actively working in this area can keep such an idea in mind,
since I think it would be valuable for reasons other than as a stop
gap. (A stable and sane Windows C++ ABI with quality compiler support
would have been a godsend to me in a former life, personally.)


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