[LLVMdev] IR Passes and TargetTransformInfo: Straw Man

Shuxin Yang shuxin.llvm at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 16:47:51 PDT 2013

I personally strong abhor this kind of thing:-) I guess I should be more 

For pre-ipo phase, some passes should not invoke, say, any loop 
nest-opt, loop version, aggressive loop unrolling,
vectorization, aggressive inling.

The reasons are they will hinder the downstream optimizers if they kick 
in early.

> Out of curiosity, has anyone tried to optimize the pass ordering in some (quasi-)automated way? Naively, a genetic algorithm seems like a perfect fit for this.
>   -Hal
>> Shall we
>> start a new doc under LLVM subsystems?
>> -Andy
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