[LLVMdev] Ideal way to build llvm and friends?

shea at shealevy.com shea at shealevy.com
Fri Jul 26 22:10:15 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I'm a maintainer for the llvm ecosystem for nixpkgs[1]. Currently only 
clang and llvm are up-to-date, but I'd like to move to building all of 
the packages listed on the release page for the latest version (and in 
particular, have libc++ and compiler RT integrated in with llvm/clang). 
Right now we're using the CMake build, with llvm and clang being built 
as separate packages. Due to a quirk in our package manager that's no 
longer an issue, having them be built together was previously not a good 

I'd like to revamp this to do this the "official" way, but I'm not 
really sure what that is. CMake or autotools? Is it best to build 
everything as a single big build (putting clang, lld, lldb and polly in 
the "tools" subdir and everything else in projects)? Or should I build 
them all separately? I see libc++ is purposefully excluded from 
projects/CMakeLists.txt and compiler-rt is built differently from all 
other projects, why is that? Where does libc++abi fit in with all of 
this (it's not on the release page)? In general it seems like there are 
a lot of options and the documentation is not up-to-date everywhere, so 
I'm a bit lost.

Note that while building from SVN is an option if it's really 
important, ideally we only want released packages, optionally with small 
patches where needed.


[1]: http://nixos.org/nixpkgs/

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