[LLVMdev] Command line options being put in Target backend libraries

Shankar Easwaran shankare at codeaurora.org
Fri Jul 26 16:03:47 PDT 2013


I see a lot of command line options being set in Target backend 
libraries. The problem with that is if a third party tool links with 
Target libraries and has a command line option that needs to be 
processed, the option in the Target libraries will get overridden.

$ cd llvm/lib/Target
$ grep 'cl::' */*.cpp --> produces lot of such occurences.

For example :- libLLVMX86CodeGen.a contains
libLLVMX86CodeGen.a:X86RegisterInfo.cpp.o:0000000000000080 b 

I think those command line options would need to be moved to the drivers 
that are using them, Isnt it ?

Am I mistaken ?


Shankar Easwaran

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