[LLVMdev] [RFC] Switching make check to use 'set -o pipefail'

Rafael EspĂ­ndola rafael.espindola at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 10:26:44 PDT 2013

> Ok, here is a strong LGTM. =]
> Please make the change, and do the following things to aid out-of-tree
> maintainers:
> 1) Add a flag to lit and an option to configure/make (I don't care about
> CMake here as that is much less frequently used for out-of-tree work) to
> disable pipefail.

I have just fixed the last failures on windows. I have also added
documentation and the support for disabling pipefail in a directory.
The one thing I have not implemented yet is the configure change.

The reason is that after thinking a bit about it it looks like
something we don't want to have. What we want to provide is an easy
way for people doing out of tree work to get their tests passing after
an upgrade. We do want upstream tests to fail for them if they, for
example, break opt so that it crashes on exit. This is exactly what
the lit.local.cfg provides.

A new patch is attached. What do you think?

> Also, please send a note (in a new thread) to llvmdev when the switch is
> flipped with a reminder about how to disable the new behavior for folks that
> can't update their test suite. You'll probably want to flip the switch when
> you have time to track down lots of build bot failures. =D


> Thanks for making the test infrastructure better,
> -Chandler

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