[LLVMdev] Deprecating and removing the MBlaze backend

Micah Villmow micah.villmow at smachines.com
Wed Jul 24 14:28:19 PDT 2013

Chandler brought up removing it back in February but Rogelio Serrano said he could maintain it  and Jeff Fifield from Xilinx was supposed to check if someone could help.

If no one has stepped up in the past 5 months, then I don't see an issue with removing it.


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> Doesn't seem to get a lot of love since most of the commits in the last 3 years
> have been maintenance. I guess it doesn't take a whole lot of maintenance
> either, but...
> cc'ing Wesley since he seems to be the last guy to commit to it.
> Thoughts?
> -eric
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