[LLVMdev] Steps to addDestination

Rasha Omar rasha.sala7 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 07:07:49 PDT 2013

I need to addDestination to some basic blocks
I used the following code

 Value* Address;
  IndirectBrInst *IBI = IndirectBrInst::Create(Address,
Result.size(),i->getTerminator() );


The following error was issued

void llvm::IndirectBrInst::init(llvm::Value *, unsigned int): Assertion
`Address && Address->getType()->isPointerTy() && "Address of indirectbr
must be a pointer"' failed.

I need to know the steps to add new indirect branch to a basic block with
this method

*Rasha Salah Omar
Msc Student at E-JUST
Demonestrator  at Faculty of Computers and Informatics
Benha University
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