[LLVMdev] Inst field in MSP430InstrFormats.td

David Wiberg dwiberg at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 04:35:23 PDT 2013

2013/7/22 Owen Anderson <resistor at mac.com>:
> The Inst field is used to specify instruction encodings, which are then used to generate assemblers and disassemblers.  I'm not sure offhand, but it's possible that the MSP430 backend doesn't make use of an auto-generated assembler.
> --Owen

Thanks for the explanation. I was expecting fields which are used by
non target specific code to be contained in the "Instruction" class in
"Target.td" (compare to e.g. DecoderMethod). Is it the need to support
different sizes which requires it to be created in the target specific
file? Is there any documentation available with regards to which
fields are available and what they do?

/ David

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