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Tue Jul 16 20:52:08 PDT 2013

On 7/16/13 7:51 PM, Wan, Xiaofei wrote:
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> On 7/16/13 7:23 AM, Wan, Xiaofei wrote:
>> Yes, the purpose is similar, we started this job from last year; But
>> it Shuxin's solution is module based (correct me if I am wrong), we
>> tried this solution and failed for many reasons, it is described in my
>> design document
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QSkP6AumMCAVpgzwympD5pI3btPJt4SRgj
>> Y-vhyfySg/edit?usp=sharing
>> we need discuss two solution and compare them, then adopt one solution
>> The biggest difference of module based parallelism and function based
>> parallelism are 1. how to partition module into different pieces which
>> consume similar time, it is a difficult question
> Why difficult?
>> 2. How to make sure the generated binary is same each time
> It depends on what is the same.  In the merged version, constant may keep one copy, while in the partition version,  constant may be duplicated as the post-IPO passes may generated some constant, and they cannot share with the same constant generated in other partitions.
> All these issues don't sound to be a problem in practice.
>> 3. if 2 can't be achieved, it is difficult to validate the correctness
>> of parallelism
> It is nothing about the correctness.
> [Xiaofei] why?
I'm not sure what you are asking here. Are you asking why partition 
still preserve correctness?

> I don't understand it very well here, you mean it can generate totally identical binaries as the original llc,
I didn't say *totally* identical.  IPO with partition could be slightly 
different from the one without partition,
say the former may have duplicated constant in the .text section, which 
is totally acceptable in practice.
So long as partition remain unchanged, each time LTO+partition should 
yield same result.

> including the function order (function order may not affect code quality, but we should make sure the output is same in each run)?
By "the same", which are involved in comparison:
    1. IPO w/ partition vs IPO wo/ partition,
    2. n-th run of IPO w/ partition n+1-th run of IPO w/partition

If 2) should show some difference, it means it has some bugs.

  If you are talking about 1), nobody can guarantee 1)  generate 
*totally* identical objections,
and I don't understand we have such esoteric need.

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