[LLVMdev] Fwd: Regarding scope information for variable declaration.

Eric Lu eirc.lew at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 02:40:56 PDT 2013

Thank your reply. Pankaj.

Actually, I have done it very similar to yours. But I think for my demand,
it is better to implement in Front End. Maybe I will re-implement it later
in clang.
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Subject: Re: Regarding scope information for variable declaration.
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 Hi Eric,

I was considering machine instructions to get scope information. And
variable declaration does not correspond to machine instruction, hence the
problem i.e. no scope associated with it.
If 'i' is initialized in the 'if-scope' then we get 'variable i' mapped to
correct scope as corresponding machine instruction is generated for this.
This is not a problem as we can't expect variable declaration in a machine
instruction, I thought.

o instead of using machine instructions to collect scope information, (as
used by LexicalScope pass),
I had written code to collect scope information based on LLVM Instructions.
I did this by iterating over 'Function->BasicBlock' instead
of 'MachineFunction->MachineBasicBlock'.
const Function *F1 =  MF->getFunction();
for(Function::const_iterator BB = F1->begin(), E = F1->end();
                                BB != E; ++BB)
     for(BasicBlock::const_iterator ii = BB->begin(), ie = BB->end();
        ii != ie; ++ii)
        const Instruction *I = ii;  //I->dump();//debug
        DebugLoc MIDB = I->getDebugLoc();
 Though this is an overhead as scope information exists,
but I need to collect specific information such as 'start line, end line,
start column, end column'
(End line information should be derived as is not obvious).
Collecting information this way allowed me to get correct scope
and hence I was able to map the variable declaration to the scope. It
worked for me this way.


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I have the same demand. Have you resolved this problems? if so, would you
share me the solution?

Best Regards.


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