[LLVMdev] Windows reviewers still needed?

Carlo Kok ck at remobjects.com
Sun Jul 14 13:19:09 PDT 2013

Op 14-7-2013 17:41, Óscar Fuentes schreef:
> Richard <legalize at xmission.com> writes:
>> I watched some LLVM videos yesterday and there was one where Chandler
>> Carruth was saying that LLVM/clang needed more Windows savvy
>> developers to review patches.
>> Is this still the case?  If so, how do I contribute?
> Just to be more verbose that Anton... :-)
> Subscribe to llvm-commits and cfe-commits mailing lists, watch for
> patches touching Windows functionality and reply to them with your
> comments.

There's also windows stuff going on in lldb-commits

Carlo Kok

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