[LLVMdev] EVT::isRound on non-8-bit byte targets

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Tue Jul 9 08:29:15 PDT 2013

Hi Sam,

On 09/07/13 17:01, Sam Cristall wrote:
> I'm new to LLVM dev, but I have been working with a target with a
> minimum addressable byte of 16-bits.  I found that in
> DAGCombiner::visitAND, EVT::isRound could create i8 loads on my 16-bit
> target which are ultimately invalid.  EVT::isRound appears to use a
> hard-coded 8, rather than pulling the targets BitsPerByte field.  Is this
> a potential bug or is there a better way to address this?  Hard coding a
> 16 in the isRound field fixes the issue for me.

last time I checked LLVM did not have a BitsPerByte field.  Are you working
with a private copy of LLVM where someone has added support for non-octet
bytes?  If so, I guess they forgot to adjust isRound.

Ciao, Duncan.

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